Sunday, January 15, 2017

Only one Argument against the Many to Block Betsy DeVoss' Nomination as Secretary of Education

This link will take you to an essay entitled "A Fist in the Hand of God" written by Barbara Kingsolver, noted author of fiction, non-fiction, essays and poetry. All of Ms. Kingsolver's works reflect her education and experience in the field of biology and her concern for what is happening to the balance of life that is the foundation of our own continued existence. Her essay succinctly describes what is happening to our food supply not only as it affects our health but the health and sustainability of the natural laws governing the earth's ability to continue to sustain life. Ms. Kingsolver gives an eye-opening explanation of how the growth of agribusiness and its total disregard for these natural laws is destroying our food, air and water supply. This particular essay highlights the dangerous consequences resulting from the stripping of the natural life sciences from many school curriculums. It is thought provoking and somewhat disturbing in light of the nomination of Betsy DeVoss to head the Department of Education during the Trump Administration.

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