Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Time for Peace: "The Invisible Man" - When Hope Turns to Revenge

A Time for Peace: "The Invisible Man" - When Hope Turns to Revenge: “When we take away from a man (woman, animal, earth itself) his traditional way of life, his customs, his religion, we had better make cert... I wrote this after I read three African American authors who were part of the Harlem Renaissance in New York and after I saw the movie "Something of Value" based on the novel by Richard Ruark. I felt compelled to re blog this after watching a compelling scene in Charlotte, North Carolina as frustrated mentors worked with angry young black men trying to help them understand that violence is not the answer. My heart filled with remorse and sorrow as I watched a 31 year old man trying to comfort an exhausted 16 year old who fell in the middle of the street during a protest that blocked the entrance onto I-277. The interview with the mentor afterwards was one that revealed exhaustion and frustration about the role of peaceful black men trying to fulfill the promise of Martin Luther King, Jr. I think if the black community would read the works of these authors who won Pulitzer Prizes as well as the nation as a whole, I think we might have a chance at building some dialogue and peace. God bless us all.