Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Choosing Peace

My little corner of the world is more joyful when I choose peace. I am not always successful, but when I am I realize how much I prefer choosing peace. There are several ways that I choose peace. The more I choose peace, the easier it is to do this. I choose peace whe:

1. I stop judging and show compassion.
2. I seek friends instead of enemies.
3. I forgive instead of getting even.
4. I bless instead of condemn.
5. I am thankful instead of resentful.
6, I stop to smell the roses.
7. I allow someone else to be right.
8. I refuse to listen to or spread gossip (hard one for me).
9. I move aside for someone obviously in a hurry.
10. I respond instead of react.

I am never 100 percent successful at this, but the more I practice, the more peaceful my world becomes. I am also a lot healthier!

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