Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Buy American Campaign

It is time for me to comment on the state of the American economy. I am not a politician or self-made millionaire or Harvard educated economist so no one will pay any attention to this. I have contacted the news media several times with my idea as well as all the talk show hosts who have all the answers to what’s wrong with the American economy and point the finger of blame at everybody. Frankly, I am quite tired of it and would like to take my own stand, blow off a little steam on my blog and let the chips fall where they may – hopefully on top of my head and the heads of everyone busy pointing the finger of blame at all the leaders in our country.

This started about two years ago when I started to think about what the cause of the lack of American jobs was. First, there was out-sourcing – why? American consumers wanted cheaper products so they could fill their homes with all the newest fancy gimmicks and “stretch” their dollars and American corporations wanted to increase their profits. Therefore, American corporations responded in the same manner as the corporations of the early 20th Century period of imperialism. They went overseas and started exploiting the people of the countries who lived there by paying them the low wages that they could no longer pay to American companies. Small business owners who could not do this were squeezed out of the competition and the “backbone” of the American economy – the small business began to disappear. The ripple effect was the loss of jobs that has destroyed the infrastructure of the country.

Now, American cities are disappearing and there is a cry for creation of jobs. The Republican Party has placed all the blame on the Democrats and the Democrats are placing the blame on the Republicans, each saying they have the answers while our Olympic athletes go to London in uniforms made in China and it is almost impossible to find any clothing made in America in the large department stores such as Wall-Mart and Target. I know; I have looked. I have sent numerous requests to the media to investigate this with no response. They are too busy covering the Olympic Games and the 2012 election which is the same ole same ole and nothing will change no matter who is elected.  Ann Romney shows her support for middle class Americans by boasting about purchasing Mitt’s shirts at Costco. No one bothers to ask her if the shirts were made in America. I doubt they are because I have shopped at all the stores and have had little luck finding Made in America. Americans need to realize that the middle class or even the lower middle class that fills stores like Wall-Mart and Target all the time can start to do something. It isn’t up to Mitt and Ann Romney.

First, start supporting community gardens in your neighborhoods and support urban homesteading. Start eating locally produced food and support the local food coop. Get your health better by eating better. If you can’t afford the gym, buy a used bicycle and ride to work or around town or to school. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Refuse to buy from or support any store in your neighborhood that does not sell locally, state or nationally produced products – in that order. Do not support any stores if you do not see the money you spend there coming back into your community in the form of tax dollars, employment of the local population or general economic health of the community. Start asking all politicians running for political office where they purchase their basic necessities instead of being distracted by wanting to see birth certificates or tax returns. If you cannot purchase an American made product that serves as well as a foreign made product, hybrid car for example, make your voice heard about alternative transportation. Start showing your patriotism by wearing American made clothing and home products. By the way, if you fly the American flag do you know where it was made? I don’t, but it would be interesting to find out.

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