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The Great Law of Peace

The Great Law of Peace
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The Peacemaker calls upon the nation to make peace with God, the earth and all mankind. “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.” Matthew 5:9

In this age of technological advancement, do superpower nations really need to enhance their defense systems in preparation of a constantly impending war? Would it not be better to settle all of our differences and make peace with everyone? Author Brenda Duffey explores the concept of peace and the many battles fought over land, pride and religion in a book that serves as a wake-up call for all: The Peacemaker.

A tale spinning centuries with a wealth of historical facts, The Peacemaker takes readers through time through the history of the United States and the events that made it the nation it is today. From the treaties with the Native Americans to the colonization of a new land, from the evolution of a country to the outcome of a myriad of races striving to become one, this book presents a story of love and hope. Delve into this generational saga that spans over 300 years of American history as the nation struggles to return to the principles of peace on which it was founded but lost sight of in the 21st Century. For more information or to order your copy visit The book is available in traditional hard and soft cover as well as in digital form.

About the Author

Brenda Duffey was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky in 1946 – the first of the so-called baby boomers born at the end of World War II. The parents who had witnessed the horrors of a Second World War that introduced the threat of a nuclear holocaust wanted better for their children who would grow up in the 50’s with the constant threat of the evils of communism and nuclear holocaust. This time period had a profound effect on Ms. Duffey as she moved into adolescence with a strong desire to understand politics, freedom and peace and connect it to her own upbringing in a rural Kentucky family.

Ms. Duffey’s family was typically large and poor. She was raised on Kentucky fried chicken on Sundays after church and learned the philosophy of the conservative Bible-Belt region. Ms. Duffey received her BA degree in 1967 from a small Baptist college – Kentucky Southern – that is now part of the University of Louisville. She received her MSW from the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville in 1986. Part of the simple, homespun philosophy espoused by her father was hard work and “pulling oneself up by the boot straps” through education and hard work. This is why she decided to enter the field of public education after receiving her BA with endorsements in history and English.

Ms. Duffey has spent over twenty-five years in the classroom in a variety of educational settings from Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and New Mexico and in Oregon where she retired in 2003. Her focus was always on helping students from diverse ethnic groups and economic statuses attain competence in English communication – both written and oral- and to understand themselves and their connection to American society by understanding their individual pasts and collective heritage. The idea for The Peacemaker originated in 1997 when she was teaching a course in Native American history at Chemawa Indian School in Salem, Oregon. Ms. Duffey still resides in Oregon in the beautiful town of Florence nestled among the sand dunes of south central Oregon. She has two biological daughters who live in southern California and one adopted daughter who lives in Kentucky with Ms. Duffey’s delightful grandchildren.   

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