Friday, May 24, 2013

Louise Hay and Mary Magdalene

I am sending out this copy of a newsletter from James Twyman who is in France traveling the route of the feminine peacemakers. Here is a copy of his newsletter with some insights and links to interesting web sites.

Louise Hay and Mary Magdalene 

Greetings Beloveds...
I'm writing this letter from Paris, France. Tomorrow I meet 26 pilgrims in Marseilles to begin the journey of a lifetime. We will spend 12 days walking along the small paths and through the same villages Mary Magdalene walked 2000 years ago, all to reawaken the Divine Feminine energy within each one of us. At the same time, I'm thinking about the upcoming Hay House World Summit that features over 100 of the best known spiritual authors in the world, each offering their unique perspectives on awakening to Oneness. I can't think of many women who embody the spirit of Mary Magdalene more than Louise Hay. I wanted you to know about a very special interview with Louise that you can listen to right away. Trust me, you don't want to miss this program, which officially starts in just over a week. Sign up now, and watch the interview with Louise today.
I'll be thinking about all of you as we walk through Southern France.
Louise Hay - modern day Mary Magdalene?
Louise L. Hay is one of the most cherished authors and teachers on the planet. At 86, she continues to walk her talk, keep her positive foot forward and savor the many joys life has to offer.
How does she do it?
In this exclusive and rare interview, Louise sits down with Hay House CEO Reid Tracy for a frank and entertaining chat about the early days of her publishing company, her insatiable hunger for learning, and the one affirmation she'd like the entire world to master.
You'll love watching Louise share her personal stories about how she rose above being called the "crazy lady" because she believed in the power of positive thoughts, how she now considers herself one of the girls who just wants to have fun, and so much more!
Watch this exclusive video today!
In this candid conversation, Louise delves into the complicated subject of forgiveness. Learn how she arrived at this freeing concept in her own life, and how with daily practice - you too can immediately apply her wisdom to heal YOUR life.
This video is one of six sneak previews of the upcoming Hay House World Summit, which starts on Saturday, June 1st.
The Hay House World Summit is a free, online, entertaining and educational experience airing worldwide from June 1st to June 10th.
This exclusive event series features more than 100 authors and experts who will share their experiences and knowledge in personal interviews covering topics from intuitive abilities to meditation and affirmations. Learn from your favorite authors, hear their individual stories of success and growth, and participate in guided exercises.
When you register for the Hay House World Summit you will receive this video with Louise Hay and Reid Tracy plus 5 other bonus videos, so you can start your healing journey with your favorite authors right away!
Now it's your chance to discover how you too can live a balanced and joyful life - just like Louise L. Hay!
In Peace,
James Twyman
P.S. This video is a 10-minute sneak preview of an hour long conversation that includes never-before-heard practical tips and advice from the Queen of Affirmations, Louise Hay.
When you register for the entire World Summit you will have the opportunity to hear the entire hour long conversation!
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