Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Historic Portland Setting up New Roots

Historic Portland – Returning Portland to Its “New Roots”

            Part of the history of our wonderful neighborhood involves the story of immigrants coming from Western Europe to establish new roots in the United States. Those roots became strong and the neighborhood grew from these self-sufficient, hard working people who maintained their shotgun houses and shopped at the corner mom and pop stores or visited the Haymarket to buy fresh garden produce or foraged for all kinds of wild greens, walnuts and hickory nuts, and berries of all kinds. I remember very well my mother sending me outside in the summer and saying, “Brenda Sue, go pick me a mess of greens for supper.” Those things have disappeared with the growth of fast food and the loss of open air markets to the Supermarkets. But, with the revitalization of Portland, there is developing a “growing” movement to go back to “the way it is” in Portland. One of these is the organization known as New Roots.  
A small but powerful movement is beginning to gain speed in West Louisville, Portland, New Albany and surrounding communities: access to fresh food is a basic human right! If you believe this, and that farm-fresh food has the potential to save lives and have an impact beyond the dinner table, we are interested in talking to you. This growing season, there are two Fresh Stop Markets near Portland: one in Russell at Joshua Tabernacle Church on 16th and Muhammad Ali, and Shawnee Presbyterian on 44th and Main. Please go to newroots.org for information on start dates, locations and ordering information. If you want to get involved in leadership in a potential 2017 Portland Fresh Stop Market , becoming a shareholder and/or leader in other Fresh Stop Markets this season, or are just interested in finding out more, please call Karyn 502-475-8979 or email karyn.moskowitz@newroots.org.

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