Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Great Law of Peace

A peace consciousness has to exist in societies in order for peace to exist. Peace cannot exist when there is an imbalance in this consciousness. The natural world is raging because there is imbalance that has been created by centuries of abuse of the earth's natural resources that were created in balance in order to sustain us. Recent weather related disasters are evidence of a natural world seeking balance. In addition, the whole world is "at war" and the world's leaders seem to be at a loss to find how to stop the spreading wildfire. I believe the first step in making peace is to reach back into history and follow the Great Law of Peace established by the Onondaga chief who brought the six warring nations of the Iroquois Confederacy together in peace when their societies were facing the same challenge. That peace and prosperity lasted for 400 years and the Confederacy dominated the entire region around the Great Lakes area of North America until English colonists destroyed that peace and established the "democracy" known as the United States of America and violated the principles of The Great Law of Peace that would keep that country strong and peaceful.  These are:
  • empowering women with political and economic power that would keep restraints on the testosterone driven impluses of the male nature - 1. power of appointment of chiefs to represent the tribe at the Grand Council and remove the chiefs if they violated any part of the Covenant Chain. 2. controlling all the property and passing all propery through the female line of the clan. 3. absolute veto over decisions to go to war.
  • conflict mediation at yearly councils with perceived insults settled by group concensus
  • stewardship of the earth and its resources rather than control because of being bought or "won" in war
The time has come to recognize that by violating these principles at the start of our "democratic" government in 1776, we have been charting a course of unending seasons of war and economic recessions. The time has come to restore these principles of peace in our country and lead the rest of the world in recognition of their importance to preserve peace and prosperity for the "seventh generation."

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