Saturday, June 11, 2011

Make Peace Not War

When I thought about what to write on this title, I suddenly realized I had no information about how to make peace. I am a retired educator so I naturally thought about what I would do if I wanted to learn how to do anything. I would research and learn from "the experts." I then wondered where are the schools for peace? I could only think of one and that was the work of Clyde Bellecourt at his Peacemaking Center in Minneapolis. Perhaps there are more, but I didn't begin a search because I realized that I could name at least three well-known military academies where war was taught and then I thought about the biggest educator of war in this country - the military itself. Then, like Blair Warner from "The Facts of Life," I had another of my "brilliant ideas." What if the government pulled our troops out of Afghanistan within the next six months and took the money saved and established schools of peace all over the country? Teachers would benefit because it would create lots of new jobs in education. Construction industry would benefit as well as all the support services for educational facilities.Could this be an economic stimulus package? In my crazy imagination I am now envisioning what the curriculum of these schools would be and jobs for students graduating with a degree in "peace." I would like to open my blog to a brainstorming session about this idea and will be publishing my ideas about these schools for peace in the next few months. Feel free to join the brainstorm. Remember the rules in brainstorming, don't qualify the idea, just put it out on the table first.

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