Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Act of Peace

I was watching a very inspirational story on the news this week about the coming together of the community of Tuscaloosa, Alabama to make sure their schools opened this fall. The way these rural communities have shown what can be done when neighbors help neighbors instead of expecting help to come from the federal government has made me so proud of the region where I was born and spent my formative years. There was, however, one part of the story that I wish had gotten a little bigger coverage from the press. I don't recall seeing much positive coverage of anything coming from Middle Eastern part of the globe - especially in regard to the Muslim faith. I think this particular positive random act of kindness from the United Arab Emirates toward the people of Alabama deserved more than three seconds of news coverage. If I would have blinked I would have missed it. All the students at Tuscaloosa High School got brand new lap top computers. These computers were donated by the United Arab Emirates. I say thank you to these Muslim nations for your kindness and thoughtful gifts to the students of America.

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