Saturday, July 2, 2016

Food Justice Not Food Stamps

Extra! Fresh Food at Wholesale Prices – Use WIC or SNAP Benefits
Portland is on the move and the proud residents of our community have yet another opportunity to come together and insure quality food at prices we can afford while supporting local producers instead of corporate agriculture which does not have our interests in mind. We have the opportunity to participate in a very special New Roots community initiative called the Fresh Stop Markets. The main goal of the New Roots Fresh Stop Markets is to give everyone the opportunity—regardless of race, income, zip code or age—to gain access to the farm fresh food we all need to be happy and healthy, and work together toward the solution. New Roots is looking for new shareholders and volunteer leadership for the Shawnee Presbyterian and Russell Fresh Stop Markets—both on the border of the Portland Neighborhood. This is a great opportunity to start to discover the joy of this model and work to bring it here to the Portland Neighborhood in 2017. Please call New Roots Director Karyn Moskowitz at 502.475.8979 with any questions and/or with your share order and payment. You can also go to for more information on the dates and times of the Markets. All orders must be placed in advance so please call Karyn soon!
What is a Fresh Stop Market? In my opinion it is at the heart of revitalization of our Portland Neighborhood. I grew up in Portland and when I decided to move back, I wasn’t interested in gentrification or becoming an absentee landlord. I wanted to be a part of bringing back the neighborhood I remembered that was safe, healthy and happy before those who profit from others’ misfortunes came in and created multiple problems for the families living here, among them, the current food desert. Fresh Stop Markets is the answer. These markets, described below, offer the opportunity for residents to take control of their food by giving them the opportunity to deal directly with the producers. What better way to insure high quality food at prices anyone can afford? Join the revolution that really counts!
            Fresh Stop Markets are markets that pop up biweekly at local churches, housing authorities and community centers in fresh food insecure neighborhoods. The food has been paid for in advance so that farmers don’t face the same degree of risk as they do with a standard farmers’ market. Families pay in on a sliding scale—$6 for families on WIC, $12 for families with limited resources, $25 for all others—so there is enough money and SNAP Benefits to purchase wholesale quantities of ten varieties of organically certified seasonal produce from a network of 50 Kentuckiana farmers for each family, every Market event. Each family receives the same “share” of affordable, delicious produce, regardless of what they paid. Everyone wins: farmers, eaters, and the broader community from having something positive, beautiful AND healthy in the neighborhood and the opportunity to meet new people. People in the community describe Fresh Stop Markets as welcoming and happy—like a family reunion where all five senses are engaged and there is lots of laughter, food and fun! There is "positive peer pressure“ from veggie cheerleaders, urging shareholders to try something new. 

Get involved by using any of the contacts below:
Karyn Moskowitz, Executive Director
new roots, inc. and 
fresh stop markets
P.O. Box 4421
Louisville, Kentucky, 40204 USA

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