Thursday, July 14, 2016

Vote Your Conscience - Don't be Snaffued

An Independent View of this Election

            This blog is intended for anyone who wants to understand that the election of the President is not the most important thing to get this country back on track. Our government is not a dictatorship nor is it an absolute monarchy.
 A dictator controls not only the army and the economic system, he/she also has absolute power over the entire country. No law nor any economic measure can be instituted without the dictator’s consent because the dictator controls the military and all law enforcement.
            The President of the United States is commander-in-chief of the military and his office also conducts foreign relations. For that reason, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not viable choices for me as President. Therefore, I am voting for Jill
Stein, but I don’t see that as giving one or the other major party candidate the election because there are other just as important elections occurring during this election year. All of the Representatives in the House of Representatives (which controls appropriations) as well as one-third of the Senators are up for re-election.
            In our system of government, power is shared among the three branches (judicial, legislative and executive) and each of these branches has powers that keep the other branches in check. For instance, (and this has not been the way our government has operated since World War II), Congress must declare war before the President can send in troops. In addition, Congress controls the purse strings so even if the President usurps that power as in the case of Lyndon Johnson and George Bush, Congress can still avoid war by not funding the war. That is exactly why I did not support Lyndon Johnson or George Bush and also why I could not trust Bernie Sanders because he voted to fund the war in Iraq, along with Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.
            If my face book memes are correct, I, along with many other Americans do not support either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I have chosen to support Jill Stein because she is everything I want in a President, including being female. Many people support the idea that a vote for Jill Stein will give the election to Donald Trump. I do not care because I am, for the first time in a long time, voting for my choice not the lesser of two evils. I am, however, making a stand against Donald Trump in Congress. I have informed Republican Rand Paul whose Senate seat is up for re election this year, that if he endorses Donald Trump, he will not get my vote.
            When Senator Paul was running for the Republican Presidential nomination, even though as an independent, I couldn’t vote in the primaries, I followed him closely and liked what he had to say. If, however, he puts his support behind Donald Trump, I will not vote for him. You have the power to do that also. But if you continue to focus on the candidates for President as the be all and end all for this country, in my opinion, you will abolish all the gains individual Americans who were excluded from the government in 1787 have made over the last three centuries and we are no better now than when we were living under an absolute monarchy.

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