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Peace Matters Just the Facts

Peace Matters

            “The intolerable conditions pervading society bespeak a common failure of all, a circumstance which tends to incite rather than relieve the entrenchment on either side. Clearly a common remedial effort is urgently required. It is primarily a matter of attitude. Will humanity continue in its waywardness, holding to outworn concepts and unworkable assumptions? Or, will its leaders, regardless of ideology step forth, and with resolute will, consult together in a united search for appropriate solutions?
 The Promise of World Peace, pg. 68.

World Budget Priorities 1983

US and European Economy

$25,600 military expenditure per soldier                                  $450 education
                                                                                                     expenditures per child

$75 per capita for military research                                            $11 for health research

$150 per capita for military forces                                              $.06 per capita for
                                                                                                 international peace keeping

These public budgets show a decided preference for military power over social programs and peaceful approaches to conflict resolution. 

World Military and Other Expenditures of Governments in 1983

Military                $706 billion
Education               650
Health                     540
Foreign Aid              36
UN Programs              4
Peace Keeping           0.3

Source:  World Military and Social Expenditures 1985, R.L. Sivard, World Priorities, USA

  • Although these figures are over 30 years old, current world conditions only reflect even more disparity.

“We are living under the domination of the cultural legacies of times long past. The principle of national sovereignty is one of them; it derives from our ancestral concept of sacred territory to be defended at all costs . . . The grotesque and paranoid belief that our legitimate aspirations to security can be satisfied by ever more deadly armaments is another such relic.”
Aurelio Peccei   One Hundred Pages for the Future, Pergamon Press, 1982.

The generation saga “The Peacemaker” is a 300 year exploration of American history that bears out the above statement.

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